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After decades of SDP rule in the foreign ministry, the Finnish Left is throwing tantrums.

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There’s no doubt in my mind that Finnish agitators got French satire paper Charlie Hebdo to print something about The Finns party and Timo Soini, now the state hack media, YLE, one again piles on with phony stories about how Soini is somehow ”aloof” in his new position. Sheeeesh.

Nothing of the sort was ever thrown at the long time yellowed teeth hack politician Erkki Tuomioja (SDP),  the bias and skulduggery is so obvious here that it’s laughable. They’re throwing everything they have at him (which is actually nothing) in trying to derail him, to get him to speak off the cuff and cause him real pain. The jackasses.

YLE: FM lambasted

Foreign Minister Timo Soini has been criticised for his negative rhetoric, not only by French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo but also by his fellow MPs. Iltalehti reports that Soini’s colleagues have spoken out against his “arrogant” behaviour, which many say is not becoming of a minister.

“In a few short days, Soini has turned his nose up at all the other MPs,” Left Party vice chair Aino-Kaisa Pekonen says in the IL story. “The opposition parties have taken the brunt of his belittling statements. He has changed his tune completely.”

Christian Democrat MP Sari Essayah instead says she considers Soini’s statements political rhetoric, and that he should not change his “bold” style. The Greens’ Ville Niinistö says in Iltalehti that he does not want to comment on Soini’s personal behaviour, but calls it “sad” that he seems to be lambasting smaller parties for the sake of one-upmanship.


NOTE: Ankle biting the truthful and diligent

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