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Tough! Expect the same kind of response from Finland as well.

What the the EU should do, is give financial incentives for white Europeans to travel to these areas in N.Africa (and elsewhere), settle them (diversification), make their own enclaves of democracy, be given a free hand to take care of the jihadis in their own way and create modern societies in the process. No wait, that would be ”colonialist/imperialism”, but multiculturalism, which does the exact same thing but with devastating results, that’s to be applauded like a bunch of clapping seals.

Denmark’s ‘sad’ position in EU asylum plan

Denmark's 'sad' position in EU asylum plan

Migrants crowd the deck of their wooden boat off the coast of Libya on Thursday. Photo: REUTERS/MOAS/Jason Florio/Scanpix

Published: 15 May 2015 08:54 GMT+02:00

The European Commission’s plan to implement a quota system for a more balanced acceptance of refugees across the EU is being hotly debated across the continent. Countries like Sweden and Germany that take in a disproportionate number of refugees have endorsed the proposal, while the UK and others have signalled their strong resistance.

Denmark, due to its opt-out on EU Justice and Home Affairs, would not be included in the plan but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t being heavily debated here.

In an interview with Politiken published on Friday, Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard said it was “very sad” that Denmark’s opt-out will keep it out of the EU’s shared solution to the migrant crisis.

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