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Yeah it’s from late 2014, but I missed this one, but it looks to be a gift that will keep on giving. The only reason why they mention kosher is to take the heat off of Muslims clamouring for special rights and on the taxpayers dime.

NOTE: TT commenter Zemira Eli Natan: ”give them a pork”

Muslims on Food Stamps Demand Food Meet Islamic Requirements [Video]

An Islamic advocacy group is demanding changes in food stamp policies. The group wants a low price halal food shelf.

The Isuroon Project states there is a ‘desperate need’ for a culturally specific halal food shelf in the Minnesota area. This would cost the taxpayers more than $150,000.

Government leaders address the issue:

“Isuroon has reached out for Hennepin County’s support for the Ethnic Food Shelf, and has cooperated fully with the Hennepin County commissioner’s office and provided the county with their required qualifications,” the group said in a statement. “The commissioner’s office has ignored Isuroon’s requests for review and the community needs to respond to let the public know what has transpired.”  Conservative Post

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