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An oops moment but way too little, and way too late.


sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

Sahlin  and her party the SDP, that she represented for so many years, smeared and tarred the Sweden Democrats for saying/warning of the very things she’s admitting to now.

Mona Sahlin: “Children playing ISIS on the playground”

Mona Sahlin’s views on Sweden has changed during the time she has served as the feminist Government’s national coordinator for the fight against violent extremism . “I’m more worried about than a year ago,” said Sahlin.

“When I spoke with the kindergarten teacher, she told me that her daycare kids play Islamic state in the yard, or when I hear young people ask each other:” Are you Sunni or Shiite ‘, things have slipped beyond what I thought. “

How could such a development be missed?

“First of all, a large part of Swedish authorities, have left the suburbs to fend for themselves. On the other hand we do not dare to interfere in religious matters. The debate is going nowhere, because knowledge does not exist, nor the courage to question the extreme interpretation of the religion to which Islamic State is based upon, and what can also be found in our country. “

How has the Muslim community done in denouncing it?

“Many of them have denounced, but only a few have the courage to express them. If a perverted vision of Islam allows young men to leave for jihad trips, religious leaders need to do something. They are hardly interested in listening to me. “

Many have accused your requirements to denounce as racist. What do you think about that?

“Well, yeah, if I were to be the worst racist, it is suitable to interject just fine. I feel the truth of speaking things which no one dares to breathe, as part of my job. I think it will contribute to discuss the matter. “


You have behind you a long political career. Do you blame yourself or the Social Democrats on how far this has gone?

“As for the matter of honor, I’m angry at myself, the Social Democratic movement, and also society. It is an example of how consciously we have cold feet, we are-united in the wrong circles. Therefore, we’ve let down the girls who are victims of honor violence. Also, integration has failed. The Social Democrats gave us the impression that the battle against class distinctions and gender inequality went better than what actually happened. Discussion of integration suffers from this very much. “

More here in Finnish.

H/T: Kumitonttu via Rahmispossu taken from an interview at Expressen

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  1. It is not “society” that has failed, it you, only you and your bleeding heart ilk. How dare you blame society when you have spent the last 20 years castigating everyone who dared contradict you and your vision of sugar plum fairies.

    1. Like all left loonies that woman is still deep in denial.
      Not anywhere in the interview does she take personal responsability for “The Great Swedish Fuck Up”
      The Social Democratic movement is to blame.
      Society is to blame.
      The whole world is to blame
      She just can’t bring herself to say “I’m to blame, you may hold me accountable”

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