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What’s the point of going to a mosque and asking questions, when they lie straight into your face without batting a lie?

This imam is a part of the same organization that imam, Anas Hajjar, belongs to, who also read the koran in Finnish on YLE Radio on the taxpayer’s dime.

NOTE: This event was covered by Helsingin Sanomat’s Katarina Baer.

Vote getting Finns party MP from Pori arrived in Helsinki – HS took her from train straight to the mosque

Porilainen perussuomalainen Laura Huhtasaari oli elämänsä ensimmäistä kertaa moskeijassa. Isäntänä oli yhdyskunnan puheenjohtaja Mohammed Hussein Omer.
Pori Finn party Laura Huhtasaari  was for the first time in her life visiting a mosque. Her presenter was community leader spokesman Mohammed Hussein Omer.

The hidden courtyard  in the center of Helsinki is Finland’s second oldest mosque, the Finnish Islamic community. It was founded in 1987.

When Pori Finn MP Laura Huhtasaari comes in, she enters the mosque for the first time in her life.

We are greeted by the community chairman Mohammed Omer Hussein.

Both, the Omer as Huhta Island, have come from afar: Omer was born in Somalia, Huhtasaari is from the small village of Kolho Mänttä-Vilppula.

–“I’m just really pleased, with all my heart that you have come here as our guest,” says Omer openly sincere.


–”A moderate Muslim “accepts also those people who have a different opinion than themselves.” Really?

[TT: So is this guy going to admit that he doesn’t follow, let alone read, major portions of the koran that is hugely intolerant, violent and anti-Semitic? I think not.]

A visit to the mosque remains polite on both sides. Huhtasaari does not want to make bolder opinions in holy room, and the men at the mosque are wary to say a word about the Finns party.

–Only in the taxi Huhtasaari sighs: “Because I was not sure whether it was just a visit or conversation, I didn’t dare to start a challenge in the mosque.”


She plans on driving changes to immigration policy. Finland should, for example, select more precisely, who will be in the country. In practice, this would mean that fewer people who are Muslim could see Finland, at least on humanitarian grounds.

–“If we take in foreigners the same as in Sweden, we will have the same amount of problems.”


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