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Ah, this is the very same country whose leaders have been treated with kid gloves for their genocidal butchery and enslavement of Christians and Animists by the international community.

It’s all a horse and pony show for the Norwegians, they’ll be temporing their language vis-a-vis the murderous Sudan touting the ”need for dialogue”, just like the Swedes did when they swallowed their ”humanitarian superpower” status by no longer criticizing the Saudis for fear of impugning Islamic sharia.

Sudan summons Norway envoy after vote protest

Sudan summons Norway envoy after vote protest

Norwegian ambassador Morten Aaslund meets the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party. Photo: European Union.

Published: 21 Apr 2015 21:53 GMT+02:00

Morton Aaslund on Monday issued a statement along with his counterparts from the UK and the US in which the three countries said they regretted Khartoum’s “failure to create a free, fair and conducive elections environment.”

In a statement summoning the ambassadors to Sudan’s foreign ministry, Khartoum labelled the criticism “blatant interference in the internal affairs of the country.”

“The elections are a purely Sudanese affair decided by the Sudanese, and no other party has the right to intervene or express an opinion,” a statement said.

The European Union representative in Khartoum was also summoned, the ministry said, without giving details.

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