illegal aliens


There’s over a million of them waiting for their chance to reach the shores of Europe.

The urge to knee-jerk this has to be avoided, and the military’s role in finding these crafts, and returning them to their point of origin, arresting the crews, and blowing up their boats is the only logical and cost effective way forward.

The Italian Coast Guard (pictured) coordinated the rescue operation,  involving dozens of navy and merchant vessels from Italy and Malta. Just 28 people saved were saved on Sunday by rescuers

Tunisian captain arrested over migrant ship disaster: Charged with ‘multiple manslaughter’ when he steps on to Italian soil alongside survivors – as EU vows to ‘capture and destroy’ human traffickers’ boats

Italy arrests Tunisian captain for 'multiple manslaughter' over migrant boat disaster

Two survivors of the Mediterranean migrant tragedy were arrested as they stepped onto Italian soil last night, some 24 hours after their boat capsized, killing around 900 people in one of the worst maritime tragedies in recent history. One is the boat’s Tunisian captain, the other his Syrian crew member.

Both were questioned on the long journey from Libya to Catania last night before being taken into custody and charged with multiple manslaughter. Twenty-six others stepped off the boat to applause and shouts of ‘welcome’, their faces heavy with the horror of what had got them there as the crowd waved flowers for the dead. More here.

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  1. Australia was onto this YEARS ago; why is the West so eager to reinvent the wheel?

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