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That’s the way Leftists have managed to steer the debate and language.

There are a million and one way for Swedes to discriminate against immigrants, but the reverse simply does not exist. 


Swedish discrimination


Today I’d like to share a little anecdote on the booming business of the Swedish discrimination industry, which work along the same general strokes as the hate-crime laws. There are a million and one way for Swedes to discriminate against immigrants, but the reverse simply does not exist.

To enforce all this, there is a Discrimination Ombudsman. This is a government branch that operates outside the confines of the traditional justice system, yet has far-reaching authority to fine and sue private citizens for any and all perceived discrimination. The services are free to the “victims,” but the citizens trying to defend themselves must pay for all legal costs out of pocket.

Simply put, it’s can’t-lose proposition for the “victims” — whenever they can conjure up “discrimination”, they simply file a claim with the DO. If the ombudsman succeeds, they get awarded with a fat, tax-free settlement, and if they lose, it doesn’t cost a dime. Then you just have to find something new to get upset about, and take another free spin at the wheel of fortune again.

One such case was recently decided in court, where a doctor was fined 75 000 SEK for discrimination, because the patient refused to shake his hand.

We’ll walk through the situation from the start. A woman was scheduled for a non-emergency exam. The husband demanded to be present in the room, as was a translator since they didn’t speak Swedish. The male doctor extended his hand upon arrival. The woman glanced at her husband who shook his head, and the woman refused to shake the doctors hand.

Refusing an extended hand is a sign of grave disrespect in the western world, and the doctor politely informed the woman that it was common practice for a doctor and his patient to shake hands before an exam. No sale.

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