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Seeing that they are the ones capable of reproducing, ‘it’s a twofer’.

It’s the only way they can get any measure of equality, murdering people. Just do not let them back in.

France: more women than men leaving for jihad

New trend as of March, ISIS propaganda aimed at girls

15 APRIL, 12:46

France: more women than men leaving for jihadFrance: more women than men leaving for jihad

(ANSAmed) – PARIS – For the first time in March the number of French young women leaving to fight the jihad has exceeded that of men. The trend, according to government sources in Paris, is due to growing propaganda through which the Islamic state targets women.

Since April 2014 – according to the inter-ministerial committee for crime prevention – 3,670 departures of jihad fighters have been reported. The data is mainly based on cases reported by families dealing with the Islamic radicalization of a member to a help line set up by authorities.

The novelty since March – explained the secretary general of the committee, prefect Pierre N’Gahane – is that a higher number of girls than boys has been reported, ”a new phenomenon given its magnitude”.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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