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How sleepy Finland could tear apart the euro project

Europe’s biggest cheerleader for austerity is heading to the polls, and its stance on Greece threatens to catalyse a break-up of the union

Helsinki Marked on Map

Finland’s stricken economy has been strangled by the euro just as much as Greece

Finland is the unlikely stage for the latest turn in Greece’s interminable eurozone drama this weekend.

With events having decamped temporarily to Washington DC, Athens will be keeping half an eye on developments in Helsinki, where the Nordic state of just 5.4m people heads for the polls on Sunday.

In the five years since Greece’s financial woes were revealed to the world, it has been sleepy Finland which has emerged as the most trenchant critic of European largesse to the indebted Mediterranean.

The outcome of the country’s general election could now determine Greece’s future in the monetary union

Getting tough on the Greeks

In a leaked memo seen last month, it was revealed that the Finns had already begun drawing up contingency plans in the wake of a Greek exit from the euro.

Although ostensibly a sensible measure for any finance ministry to contemplate, the revelation confirmed the Finns’ position as the most uncompromising of the EU’s creditor nations.

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3 Responses

  1. Tnx! Very good to note there is a chance – slim though – that eurocommunism can be stubbed if not shot to death.

  2. Maybe the solution to Finland’s problems is Finxit.
    There is one difference between Finland and Greece: Finland does not beg monetary help from other countries.

    1. You hit on a good point Pekka, there is a vast difference in culture between the north and south of Europe. If the differences are so vast here, just think of what they are with those coming from ME countries ect.

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