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How about truth telling about Islam in order to confront Islam?

egyptian tards

One again, Germans take the soft approach to supporters of an intolerant, anti-democratic ideology. We’ve already seen where that approach led the world some +70 years ago.

In France, lessons in secularism to confront radical Islam

The French government wants to send imams to classes in secularism and religious freedom as a measure to prevent home-grown extremism. Elizabeth Bryant reports from Lyon on a program that is paving the way.

Muslim students in a secularism class at Lyon's Catholic University

Sunlight slants across a classroom at the Catholic University of Lyon, where the Bible dominates a recent lecture.

The subject may seem unsurprising in this ancient city that was once a bastion of French Catholicism. But the dozen or so people jotting down notes are not theology students. One young woman wears a headscarf. A man sports the beard of a devout Muslim. Still others are non-Muslim civil servants working for the local government.

All are enrolled in a program on secularism and religious freedom that is jointly run by two Lyon universities and the city’s Grand Mosque. They’re the unlikely foot soldiers of a national campaign for greater religious tolerance and to help shape a moderate, Western-oriented “Islam a la Francaise.”

The drive has taken on new urgency since January’s terrorist attacks in Paris and the departure of hundreds of French youths to join jihadist movements in the Middle East. The Socialist government has responded with a raft of new measures to fight home-grown extremism. Among them: plans to enroll hundreds of imams and other key Muslim figures in civics training programs – and to make them mandatory for chaplains working in prisons and the military.

But Lyon’s program has broader ambitions, as it reaches out to include government officials in the training.

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