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”No longer will the United States meddle in our own hemisphere.”


Radio talk show host, Mark Levin, is right, this guy is a complete and utter danger to the US, past presidents realized that you can’t protect America without controlling the danger entering into your own neighborhood.

Obama says that the US has to ”respect the differences between neighboring states”, but how so? Why should the US respect nations that routinely imprison political dissenters, crush free market enterprise and spread terrorism around the world?

NOTE: This is the worst president ever, in the history of the United States, and now he’s unleashed, a lame duck president he’s more emboldened now more than ever.

Obama Meets Raúl Castro, Making History

PANAMA — President Obama and President Raúl Castro of Cuba met here Saturday in the first face-to-face discussion between the leaders of the two countries in a half-century.

Seated beside Mr. Castro in a small room in the convention center downtown where the Summit of the Americas was being held, Mr. Obama called it a “historic meeting.”

“Our governments will continue to have differences,” he said at a news conference wrapping up the summit meeting. “At the same time, we agreed that we can continue to take steps forward that advance our mutual interests.”

He called his meeting with Mr. Castro “candid and fruitful,” and said work would continue on the goal he announced in December of re-establishing diplomatic relations and reopening embassies in Havana and Washington.

Still, Mr. Obama said crucial steps in the normalization process would not be completed rapidly. He stopped short of announcing a final decision, now widely expected, to remove Cuba from the United States’ list of state sponsors of terrorism, saying he wanted to study it further.

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