Celebrating the lack of a mother.

It’s cruel to the child, when it should never have happened in the first place. What a mess the Left is making of our societies. Not having a father or a mother is a hardship on the child, no man, regardless of how effeminate he may be, can ever take the place of a mother. This latest fad is not unlike the fraudulent sciences of Nazi biology and Communist economics. The Left is always out to create the ‘New Man’ in achieving their nirvana through societal engineering.

Two born, one to go for the gay dads growing an instant family with three surrogates: Fathers show off son and daughter for the first time… and their third child will be here in the summer

Gay dads

Luke Harris and Daryl Lee (right with their children), from Surrey, had their first child three months ago and are now preparing to welcome their third baby into the world after enlisting the help of three surrogate mothers. The couple, who met in 1999 and became civil partners in 2012, celebrated the birth of their first child, son Phoenix Blue (inset, left), on January 14 after he was born to surrogate Bex Harris. Just a month later, they welcomed daughter Willow-Star (inset, right) after surrogate mother Viktoria Ellis gave birth on February 25. They are now preparing to welcome their third child, a boy, in July. He is being carried by Bex’s sister-in-law Becky Harris.

The birth will mean the fathers have completed their family of three within seven months. Mr Harris, 51, a computer programmer from Surrey, said: ‘Going from having an empty home to having two precious babies in a such a short period has been a whirlwind, but even after weeks of feeding on demand we feel overjoyed.’ Pictured left (from left to right): Pregnant surrogate Becky Harris, Mr Lee with son Phoenix Harris and his surrogate mother Bex Harris (behind), Mr Harris holding daughter Willow-Star and her surrogate mother Viktoria Ellis. More here.

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