But honest folks like myself use the terms that they label themselves with, so that busts that myth.

With Hamas being an exception, it’s the Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyya,” which means “The Islamic Resistance Movement,” but the name is so universally recognized that I choose to go with the more recognized acronym.

Islamic State or ISIS? How you refer to terror group reveals if you’re a supporter or opponent, new study reveals

Those who refer to the jihadi group by its full name ‘Islamic State’ overwhelmingly support it, while those who call it ‘ISIS’ mostly oppose it, researchers have revealed

  • Those who refer to the group as ‘Islamic State’ are likely to be supporters
  • Research said those who called it ISIS are most likely to be opponents
  • The Qatari Computing Institute analysed 123million Arabic tweets
  • They were able to accurately predict future ISIS support based on hashtags

The name you use to refer to the Islamic State terror group can reveal whether you are a supporter or opponent of the jihadi organisation, according to a new study.

Research has revealed those who call the organisation as ‘Islamic State’ overwhelmingly support it, while those who refer to it by its abbreviated name, ISIS, are mostly opposed to it.

Not only does it reveal an individual’s ISIS leanings, but researchers were also able to develop a model which accurately predicted future support of the terrorists.

This was only made possible due to ISIS’s widespread use of social media – unparalleled in modern conflicts – in attempting to recruit would-be jihadis from across the globe.

The Qatari Computing Institute analysed 123million Arabic tweets by 57,000 Twitter users to reveal common traits among those in the pro or anti camps.

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