Obama-Gate obamablunders


Like we all knew, Obama traded five top enemy operatives for a sleazy traitor. 

Obama has great disdain for the military, and for America, so it’s easy to understand his anti-American moves as the street-organizer-in-chief.

At the time, Obama recognized Berghdal’s release as a victory for the American people.
“On behalf of the American people, I was honored to call his parents to express our joy that they can expect his safe return, mindful of their courage and sacrifice throughout this ordeal,” he said, after receiving news that the mission to retrieve him was successful.


Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier who has long been suspected of abandoning his Afghanistan outpost in 2009, has been charged with desertion, Bergdahl’s attorney has told the media.

Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s lawyer, told the Washington Post that his client was handed the desertion charge sheet on Tuesday. The Army has announced that they will update the public on Bergdahl’s case at 3:30 p.m. eastern time.

Last year, in an unprecedented act, the Obama administration agreed to release five top Taliban commanders in exchange for the charged Army deserter. The government of Qatar–which has frequently been accused of aiding and abetting terrorist groups–served as an intermediary for the negotiations between the Taliban and the U.S. government.

The Taliban commanders are now reportedly living large in Doha. They will soon be allowed to leave the country, because the negotiated settlement only required that they stay in Qatar for one year. Soon, they will be free to re-engage in their jihad against the United States.

When Bergdahl reached the U.S., White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice said that he served with “honor and distinction,” a claim that she still defends.

“He is, as all Americans, innocent until proven guilty. He is now being tried in the court of public opinion after having gone through enormously traumatic five years of captivity,” said Rice.


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  1. I suspect that the squirmer Obama will either ignore this charge against Bergdahl or he’ll do everything he can to use his power to fight against any conviction that Bergdahl may have to face. It really depends on how useful he feels Bergdahl to be at the time.
    What he won’t do is admit that he was wrong to release terrorists in order to bargain for a traitor’s life.

    Obama is the enemy of freedom, truth and goodness. I predict a nasty death for him, and it will come from an unexpected source. It won’t come from any of his obvious enemies:- it will come from birds of his own feather. It will be like when Caligula was struck down, not by the people but by his own guards. Obama has not reached his peak of evil yet. He won’t be stopped soon but when he is it will be dramatic.
    Even Obama has a shelf life and when the Devil has finished with him, he’ll be gone!

  2. Have any legal scholars opined that the release of the five Taliban terrorists could be considered treason?

    1. maybe, but most likely they realize that with the feckless GOP “leadership” presently, there’s no chance of that ever happening.

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