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More examples of the US Left influencing Israeli politics.

Like I said earlier, and please spread it: 

Netanyahu’s language concerning the Left’s mobilizing the Arab vote, even for a party other than their own (Zionist Union), reflects the political reality in Israeli politics. They need blocks of parties to create a coalition government. It would be the same if the Israeli Right-Wing was using all its resources in getting the Russian immigrant population to vote for Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu party, using buses to cart them to the various polling places, and Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union) warning and urging his supporters to turn out in droves to offset ”the Russian vote”.

Herzog, Livni blame their loss on racism

Tzipi Livni Isaac Herzog

Tzipi Livni speaks with Labor head Isaac Herzog in the Knesset. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

Zionist Union leaders cIsaac  Herzog and Tzipi Livni blamed their six-seat loss in Tuesday’s election on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu making statements they considered racist.

Netanyahu warned on Facebook and in text messages to voters Tuesday afternoon that Joint (Arab) List supporters were being bussed en masse to polling stations. In a series of interviews Thursday, Herzog and Livni said the tide turned on Election Day thanks to those messages.

“The votes for Netanyahu rose late in the day in response to the warnings about Arab voters heading to the polls,” Herzog told Army Radio.

Livni called Netanyahu’s re-election “the victory of hatred and fear.” She said Netanyahu got carried away with his pre-election mantras warning against “a government led by Tzipi and Buji [Herzog] backed by the Arab list.”

“I disagree with Netanyahu but he is not an enemy,” Livni said. “Netanyahu made us into enemies, and that is unforgivable.”

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NOTE: Only pathetic losers would twist words like this for their own political advantage.

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