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But first a word from The New English Review (H/T: Fjordman) :

This kind of swarm-attack has happened before, will happen again, and in less dramatic fashion, has been happening all over France, more and more, over the last few decades. The French government does not publicly announce the racial or ethnic background, or even in most cases the names, of malefactors. The word “Muslim” nowhere appears in the news account. But everyone reading this news article will know at once that the word must be supplied, and all that it tells us about the state of France, and the despair of so many, waiting for the most obvious measures to be taken for civilisational and physical security of the French, besieged by Muslims in their midst.

Train Attack: twenty thieves looted a train


According to The , a train RER D was the target of a large-scale attack Sunday morning Juvisy-sur-Orge station (Essonne).

Twenty individuals entered inside the two-level car shortly after 5 am. They then divided into two groups. They then molested and robbed the passengers present in the two levels of the train. Several complaints have been filed. The investigation was assigned to the brigade rail networks (BRF).


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