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LIVE: Police probe fatal ‘gang’ shooting at pub

LIVE: Police probe fatal 'gang' shooting at pub

Mourners gather outside the bar where the shooting took place. Photo: TT

Published: 19 Mar 2015 06:32 GMT+01:00


The Local understands that up to 15 people were injured in the shooting. Eight of them remain in hospital.


The TT news agency has been speaking to other businesses close to where the shooting happened.

Ramziye Sadik who runs a coffee shop said: “We thrive here. There are warm people and it’s a nice place. But after what has happened you become afraid, it’s nasty”.


Multiple reports in the Swedish media are now suggesting that two men wearing skull masks were seen at the scene of the crime.

But police have told The Local that this is not something they will comment on for the moment.


A witness who calls himself simply ‘Rocky’ has been speaking to various Swedish media about the shooting. He says he heard a loud noise while he was watching Champion’s League football on television in the bar, before realizing that one of his friends had been hurt.

“I saw that my friend was bleeding,” he told Swedish broadcaster SVT. “I tried to stop the bleeding as best as I could with my hand,” he said.

The man has also reported seeing a “lifeless body” on the pavement outside the pub.


Local crime reporter Per Sydvik who works for the GP newspaper has told Swedish news network SVT he is convinced that the shooting is gang-related.

“There is something terrible about attempting to murder people at a pub where there are regular customers. It feels very much like a traditional mafia execution,” he said.

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  1. Brutality such as this is always shocking, albeit perhaps not that surprising. What did surprise me though, was what Kouros Khodadis (the owner of the flower shop that delivered several of those flower-arrangements) had to say about the shooting:

    “- This is the state’s fault for not fixed jobs to immigrants, he says to SVT’s reporter on the scene.

    But has not the individuals themselves any responsibility?

    – No, I do not think so.”

    The translation is done with google translate to rid it of any of my potential bias and while the translation is, as always with automatic translations, rather stilted, it is in essence a correct translation from Swedish.

    Quote from Swedish public service (state) television article below, run through google translate.


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