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Bibi is right.

The Swedes (and others) have been funding an actual war against the Jewish state for decades, so it’s a no-brainer that they would be active in undermining a certain administration that they really, really, really hate.

‘Scandinavia’ accused of meddling in Israel vote

'Scandinavia' accused of meddling in Israel vote

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: TT

Published: 13 Mar 2015 16:55 GMT+01:00

In an interview with an Israeli radio station, the head of the right-wing Likud party who faces a tough challenge from the centre and left in the upcoming vote, said he believed that Nordic politicians did not want him to remain in office.

“Scandinavian governments have spent millions of dollars on a campaign to remove me from power,” he said on the station Kol Israel.

“Western governments, but mostly Scandinavian…They know perfectly well why they prefer Buji and Livni to me,” he added, referring to his opponents.

In a separate interview with Rega Radio he was reported to have said that “foreign governments, specifically Scandinavians, are part of a worldwide campaign to topple me”, according to a translation posted on Twitter by Israeli blogger and journalist Tal Schneider.

Sweden in particular has had strained relations with Israel in recent months after becoming the first western European country to formally recognize the state of Palestine.

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