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Rape in Finland becoming a regular phenomenon as in Sweden.

This is in connection with the five Somali Muslims who raped a Finnish woman after harassing her on a train and followed/raped her after she got off. The eldest of the group was in court on Friday. Here are some of the pictures taken at the scene, the rapist had his family and friends along who then subequently left the venue after the judge ordered the weeping mother to be removed.

H/T: JT, who provides the TT with pictures from the court hearing

Somali rapist finland in court pics 15.3.2015

Tapanila gang rape in court

The suspect’s weeping mother removed from the hall

Iltalehden paikalla olevan kuvaajan mukaan paikalla oli runsaasti epäiltyjen sukulaisia ja ystäviä.

Friday, 03.13.2015 at 13.54 (updated 17:00)

A young woman’s rape  that occurred Tapanila was discussed in court today.

According to the Iltalehti’s photographer at the scene, the suspects had plenty of relatives and friends. (JOHN Palmen)

Police suspect the five from 15 to 18-year-old boys, of aggravated rape. Police said Friday afternoon that all suspects have been detained.

The rape took place on Monday evening in Helsinki Tapanila near the train station.

The first person detained to be presented was of full age. His mother was involved in the district court hearing, but the judge was forced to remove the crying woman from the Chamber. According to the Iltalehti’s photographer at the scene, the suspects had plenty of relatives and friends. According to him, plenty of people went into the Chamber, but they soon came back out of the room with the crying woman in tow.

The deadline for bringing charges against the defendent is Wednesday, April 15, 2015. The case will be tried behind closed doors. ILTALEHTI

Somali rapist finland in court pics 15.3.2015b

Somali rapist finland in court pics 15.3.2015c

Somali rapist finland in court pics 15.3.2015d

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  1. Throw all Somalis out of Finland, then lets see if this Somali still shows her contempt of the West.

  2. The west has been taken for a ride for too long. The only solution is to kick these wicked people out of the western countries. If they don’t like it here, they can get back to where they came from- the doors are open.

    1. You’re almost there. Throw them out REGARDLESS of whether they like it here. There is absolutely no reason for ANY of them to be here. They aren’t wanted, weren’t invited, have no claim whatsoever, contribute nothing, and constitute nothing more than a disgusting, vile pestilence.

      1. Very true- they continue to be an embarrassment to other decent people & cause a lot of misery.

  3. I agree. These ignorant, backward SAVAGES should never be allowed in to our peaceful western nations! The time to act is NOW. First stop all immigration from these savage back waters. And, round up the ones who are here and SHIP them back!!!!!

    1. Well what if the people are innocent do you ship them back? And why do you think you can make decisions like that do you have the right? And as heart breaking as this may be do you think innocent and hungry people should be hurt by this one man? Don’t you think him and his family should get deported? Look at all the choices you have of how to deal with this but you choose to be one of these savages and give ideas to harm people that have done nothing wrong.

      1. No society has to put up with law breaking savages who were INVITED to come in, there is no obligation to them whatsoever, their thankfulness and well mannered behaviour should come naturally, it’s obvious that that was not enforced within this family. Raising a rapist is ”not doing anything wrong”. Deport them, at least the perp after he finishes his time.

  4. The only answer is to deport all muslims.

    Navy escourt to the ships carrying the muslims, to enforce acceptance of them from a muslim country.

  5. Send her back with her entire family to
    heck north korea

    after all you so hate the west – NO PROBLEM
    Get the HELL OUT !!!!
    go back to your islamic fun holes you created

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