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Just like the Muslim who ran a tv station to ”right” the wrong misconceptions of Muslims in America, then cuts the head off his wife, as well as a long list of other examples.

Imam Who Complained of American Misconceptions About Islam Busted for Molesting Teenage Girl


After a series of Muslim terror attacks, Imam Abu Farah aka Imam Helmi Motasim Agha, wrote…”Today, during my flight to Alabama, I was followed (Around) in the airport by five (uniformed) TSA members, and upon questioning them, I was just told “we are doing our job”!!! Subhana Allah! A complete profiling!”

After the Chapel Hill shootings, he claimed that, “We suspect it is the outcome of daily misconceptions against Muslims. Ignorance lead to fear and fear leads to violence.”

Now the Imam has been busted for molesting a teenage girl.

An executive director for the American Muslim Youth Leadership Council in Osceola County has been arrested after an investigation showed he inappropriately touched a 15-year-old girl multiple times.

Imam Helmi Motasim Agha, also known as Imam Abufarah, was arrested Wednesday.

Investigators said representatives in the Muslim community reached out to them after they became suspicious.

When detectives reached out to the victim and her family, they said she told them she had been participating in youth activities at the American Muslim Youth Leadership Council’s Kissimmee headquarters on U.S. Highway 192 for several years.

The victim said in November, she fainted and was taken to Abufarah’s office, where he inappropriately touched her several times while the two were alone. That continued over the next few weeks, and the victim told detectives she was very confused and afraid to tell anyone.

This is somewhat ironic considering one of the Imam’s earlier posts.

More here.

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