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This is the mindset of the Left.

Unable to hold a rational discussion on anything, these simpleton totalitarian-tards know only one method to control a debate, that is to squash all speech that they disagree with. And just the other day Noam Chomsky in an interview with Ezra Levant, says such episodes are so rare that it’s a myth.

H/T: Ambrosine Yolanda Shitrit

StandWithUs UK

AUJS obtained this shocking footage of anti-Israel protesters at the University of Sydney storming Colonel Richard Kemp‘s talk and clashing with Campus Security just yesterday after refusing to leave.

We are shocked at the outright disrespect demonstrated towards Col. Kemp, and we strongly condemn the attack on free speech at the University of Sydney. Shame on these students!

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  1. Why aren’t these people arrested? If there is no punishment, they’ll feel empowered to do it again and again. Alternatively, audience members could beat the crap out of them.

    1. Exactly that Adam. The campus police just stood there like bumps in the road until it became more than obvious that it just can’t continue, then nicely filing them out of the hall. Disgusting display of disrespect for the speaker by both parties.

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