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Pekka Partanen sucks the dignity out of his office like a dog humping the queen’s leg. 

OSTRICH POLICE WITH A HEAD UP ITS ASSIn this video, a caller starts off about helmet laws, but then touches on a greater truth, the very basis for freedom of speech is to question political and religious authority. It’s something that totally eludes the clueless deputy chief of police from Finland.

H/T: Kumitonttu

NOTE: I will Fisk the deputy chief’s uninformed vaporings in the translated text of his below.

Extremists and freedom of speech

Pekka PartanenThe sympathizing with, and mimicking of, violence-oriented extremists are unfortunately already spreading to the scholastic environment. However, fortunately, there are only individual cases. However, the signs are clearly there, and they result from hostile attitudes and intolerance towards other cultures or intolerance in every day Finnish life.

[TT: Those evil ”waycist” Finns, how dare they take these people in, spend money on them through social services and general welfare, house them, then turn on them.]

Also, in the scholastic environment are the clear signs of violent extremist thinking. It manifests itself in as personal or physical violence. 19 percent School teachers have reportedly encountered such violence. The most common forms have been pushing, hitting, kicking and strangling. Psychological violence is physical violence, however, more common in occurrence is in name-calling, and even the bullying taking place in the social network.

[TT: Hey Pekka, our parents taught us that ”sticks and stones may break our bones but names can never hurt us”. Developing a strong hide is useful in life, it leads to better character, self worth and identity. Being a squish never helped anyone, anywhere and at any time.]

As described above, the phenomenon of identification or early intervention is difficult. Often it is also tackling it too late. Parents and teachers do not recognize them as weak or early signs that tell even of their admiration of extremists. Certainly, the most common way in which children and school children are lured to violent extremism is the internet. Youtube spins all kinds of video clips with all kinds of various intentions.

Also, adults and especially teachers need the right information about extremism. And not only the religions connected to extremism, but also about opposing extremists groups serving as a counterweight.

[TT: Now he’s talking about you, me, anyone who has had enough of the public dole being dished out to immigrant, illegal migrants and refugees, especially those who return to the old country for family visits. You see, you’re the problem, never the masterminds and geniuses in government and in the bureaucracy who never, ever learn from history, because it begins with each new sunrise.]

When we talk about extremism, we indulge too often in stereotypes. In addition to talking about extremism should also explain the different religions and their doctrines. Ignorance is often the root cause of all intolerance. Because of extremists we stigmatize entire ethnic groups in the East as in the West.

[TT: Get that? We are the ones who stereotype, not imbeciles like Partanen, who are more than happy to stereotype each and everyone of you and myself as mean spirited kooks. We’re the ones who supposedly don’t know anything that we’re talking about. Amazingly, for someone who believes that the internet has proliferated all kinds of information, the factual information the we in the blogosphere report on daily, never makes it across their desks.]

A good attempt to disseminate accurate information, for example, is YLE Broadcasting Saturday evenings starting with reading the Koran for Finns. I know too that a number of Finns have already condemned in advance, that undertaking to disseminate information even though they themselves have not read a word of the Koran.

[TT: That’s rich, YLE propaganda, straight from the mouths of the biggest liars on the Finnish web are supposed to school us on what ”Islam really means”. It’s like Joseph Goebbals and Heinrich Himmler schooling Winston Churchill, and by de fault the Western Allied powers why they got Hitler’s Mein Kampf all wrong. Really?

Responsible freedom of speech

European and even Finnish, freedom of speech seems etched in a way that it’s permissible to be foul mouthed and offensive. Insults can fly and if the insult isn’t understood, What’s in question is a person who doesn’t understand humor. The verbal, and even pictorial, battering of someone is allowed. Even the blanket criticism in public is all the rage. This is reflected on the net, but also in Finnish entertainment. After all, we are accustomed to it.

[TT: This is a man who is at odds with himself, clearly not grounded in the reasons for the enlightenment, he would be the first to head off Martin Luther on his way to hand in his 95 thesis. Freedom of speech doesn’t protect speech that you agree with, but that speech with which you disagree.]

In religion matters, we Finns and Protestants in Europe are pretty wicked. It’s not very strange to us if someone mocks our religious values ​​and religious revelations. We have been raised so that we attend church less and less and only a few children any longer attend Sunday School.

In contrast, in the Middle East, as with the Jews as well as among the Muslims, religious values ​​are of extreme importance. Children are raised from an early age to respect religious values ​​and make religious decisions in their daily lives. Children grounded in religious values ​​are also inviolable and the breach of them indefensible.

[TT: Here Partanen makes generalizations about a whole host of people (racist anyone?) Finns and protestants in general, are ”wicked” people who usually don’t raise an eyebrow when someone mocks the religion they’re no longer following. Huh? While it’s true many do not subscribe to a particular faith, but even culturally it maintains some significance, the fact that they DO NOT resort to violence shows the tolerance learnt, something of which Muslims should be learning from us!

As for the Jews of the Middle East, has Partanen ever been to Tel Aviv? Does he believe that the majority of Jews in Israel are Hassidic or mainstream orthodox? Really? While some Jewish sects have been known to resort to violence for some offence of their religious sensibilities, most however do not, not to mention the vast numbers of secular Jews, who culturally, could be as offended by religious slurs as anyone else, but refrain from violent retribution. What a freaking dolt.]

We Europeans we know this. In spite of that, Why, would someone go and doodle with another’s religious values, inexcusable offensive pictures? In the name of the freedom of expression. Where was the graphic artist’s / editor’s responsibility? I can not accept any of the actions which were created as a result of the drawing. But, if in these cases, the freedom of expression should be used, so-called, responsibly, we would not now be in a tax money eating quasi-state of war, which does not benefit anyone.

[TT: For the simple reason that no ideology, religious, political or otherwise, is exempt from the same criticisms that every other ideology must endure. It’s part and parcel of being in a modern liberal (classical sense) representative democracy. Pekka Partanen and like ilk would take us back to pre-Enlightenment times just because he’s a well meaning, but ignoramus boob. Hopefully someone in his chain of command observes that this is one straw too many and fires him.]

NOTE: The Finnish blogosphere has had it with Partanen as well.

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  1. Partanen’s piece is awful and frightening at the same time. It is an indication of the repressive nature of the politically correct left liberal doctrine. It has hit the wall with islam, whose violent nature cannot be defended with facts. You need to believe in lies to state that islamist terror has nothing to do with islam.

    The article also tells about capitulation to islamic sharia law. The capitulation can be rationalized but it is still capitulation.

    What the Western European countries should expect is increasing repression.

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