Finland Interfaith bunk Islam 101 Western stooges


Kumbaya Muslims don’t dictate what Islam is, Mohammed and Allah does.

I reported on this yesterday, and it pains me to know that people I know personally where present for the farcical event.

NOTE: The fact that the only reason why they’re there in the first place is because of Islam 101, fundamentalist Islam, seems to be lost on the Jews and the Christian reps. There was never a reason to hold such an event before.

peace rally in helsinki

Published on Mar 4, 2015

There is an ongoing fantasy that Islam can be reformed so that it is moderate. This ignores the fact that Islam is based upon the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed, none of which can be changed. A recent effort of good will towards Jews by Muslims is a false hope.

Here is what Islam 101 really thinks about ”interfaith dialogue” BS:

Christians, Muslims and Jews walked against bias in Helsinki

Religious leaders wanted to show friendship and desire for peace by visiting each other’s major religious sanctuaries.

The Orthodox parish Dean Heikki Huttunen, the Lutheran Church, Bishop Irja Askola, President of the Jewish Community of Helsinki Yaron Nadbornik and the Islamic Society of Finland Imam Anas Hajjar went on a friendship walk to the sanctuary of the three different faiths in Helsinki.

Ortodoksisen seurakunnan rovasti Heikki Huttunen, luterilaisen kirkon piispa Irja Askola, Helsingin juutalaisen seurakunnan puheenjohtaja Yaron Nadbornik ja Suomen islamilaisen yhdyskunnan imaami Anas Hajjar ystävyyskävelyllä kolmea pyhäkköä yhdistävällä reitillä Helsingissä.


Photo: Roni Rekomaa Photo /

Islamic Society of Finland went to the door of the mosque friendship walking over the frequency. Imam Anas Hajjar to lead the Orthodox priests in black walked to the sanctuary of the kipa wearing Jewish Community Chairman and Lutheran Bishop.


– European threats such as  the Isis  organization produce understandable fear, but it is important that we, as Christians do not become the source of creating an enemy,, but we are actively seeking contact with others.


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