What, an Islamic police state, who could have thought it possible?

There have been (five) police state regimes in Turkey’s modern history, one run by Islamos will be the more brutal of the lot.

Opponents of new Turkish laws fear police state

The Turkish government has proposed new legislation to give police heightened powers to break up demonstrations. Opposition parties and human rights groups worry that the measures will turn Turkey into a police state.

Turkish riot police officers standing in line as they block access to Taksim Square

Physical confrontations are not uncommon in the Turkish parliament, but the last two weeks saw escalations reach new levels. One member of parliament fell down the stairs in a scuffle, while others were injured by projectiles or punches. Even the chairman’s gavel and bell were used as weapons in a heated parliamentary brawl.

The trigger for the fighting was a controversial security bill consisting of over 100 amendments. With it, the government of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu plans to give police greater stop and search powers. It would also allow police to detain people for up to 48 hours before being presented to a judge or an attorney, as well as use firearms against protesters. Demonstrators who cover their faces with masks or scarves during rallies could face years in prison.

Davutoglu claimed that the measures were necessary to protect social order and prevent violent clashes such as the one that broke out last year between Kurds, supporters of an Islamist group and police. He also insisted the planned amendments conformed to EU norms and made mention of new measures to curb police brutality.

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