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Detentions, arrest in connection with Islamist threat in Bremen

Fearing an Islamist attack, police in Germany’s northern port city of Bremen have swooped after adopting “security measures in the public arena.” Apart from detentions and an arrest, an Islamic center was searched.

Deutschland Polizei in Bremen

Federal authorities had been receiving tip-offs since Friday evening about the activities of potential Islamists, the police said, without clarifying whether it was a terrorist threat.

People in Bremen were said to have remained relaxed despite the apparent threat. A Bundesliga match between Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg at the Weser stadium was scheduled to go ahead as planned on Sunday.

In the evening, police searched an Islamic cultural center near the railway station, refusing to give any details of the operation for the moment. Heavily armed police were sighted in the city throughout the day, protecting places of special significance such as Jewish community sites, the town hall and the marketplace.

A police spokesman revealed on Saturday evening that “some persons have been detained.” There had been an official arrest as well, he added. Again, the spokesman did not give any details, merely referring to a police statement released earlier in the evening, in which the talk was of a “security net” which had been set up to cover the city center.

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