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Which begs the question as to why they’re allowed to breath Swedish air in the first place?

In January of this year (2015) Sweden Democrat, Kent Ekeroth, questioned the rationale behind the current Swedish government’s policy of not rescinding passports of Muslims from Sweden going to fight in the jihad for the Islamic State. The response by a member of government could be viewed as typical spin, but when viewed in light of the following article at The Local, the response was in fact, criminal negligence.

War criminals could go unpunished in Sweden

War criminals could go unpunished in Sweden

Tora Holst, head of the International Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm. Photo: Marc Femenia/SCANPIX

Published: 27 Feb 2015 07:40 GMT+01:00

Six prosecutors at the International Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm work alongside eight police officers to investigate suspected war crimes. Head prosecutor Tora Holst told Swedish broadcaster SVT that she was “frustrated” over the lack of resources.

“Six prosecutors are enough, but eight police officers are far too few,” she said in an interview.

Her comments come a day after a 28-year-old Syrian man living in Sweden was sentenced to five years in jail for aggravated assault in Syria in 2012. The former Free Syrian Army fighter is one of just three people convicted in the Nordic nation over the past decade for crimes carried out abroad.

Around 30 investigations at the International Public Prosecution Office are currently pending, because there are not enough resources to deal with them, according to Holst. She said with current staffing levels she and her colleagues are only able to work on two to three cases at a time.

“We could, if we had more police officers, investigate many more, because some of the material concerns suspected war crimes in Syria,” she told SVT.

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