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NRK doesn’t represent real journalism.


NRK runs defense for Islam: ”Krekar doesn’t speak for all of Islam”, though his views are in fact, in keeping with Islamic norms. And most observing Muslims understand this:

Krekar sparks more outrage

Islamic extremist Mullah Krekar continued to provoke Norwegian authorities and the public in general on Wednesday after he unleashed another string of alarming statements in an interview with Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who’s been threatened by Krekar herself, said that Krekar exhibited “extreme attitudes” that aren’t shared by the majority of Muslims.

Mullah Krekar has been in the news, and been a problem for Norwegian authorities, for years. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/Views and News

Krekar claimed, for example, that he was pleased by the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, that anyone who draws pictures the Prophet Mohammed deserves to die, and that he would send a gift to anyone who kills one of the Kurds that he earlier was convicted of threatening.

His  brash statements generated the publicity Krekar seems to thrive on, with the prime minister, the justice minister and several leading muslims in Norway reacting publicly. Justice Minister Anders Anundsen said he was frightened by Krekar’s statements, while leading muslims wish Krekar would simply be ignored.

“Mullah Krekar has no credibility when it comes to Islamic theology,” Dr Mohammad Usman Rana, a doctor and local commentator on Islam, told NRK. “Even though he puts on a turban and robes, that doesn’t make him an Islamic scholar.”

Bushra Ishaq, another local muslim commentator, was also disgusted by Krekar’s remarks. “He justifies the murder of civilians,” she told NRK. “He stands for a perverted view of the world and he directly encourages acts of terrorism. He has a beard, but he is not theologist. Most of us muslims feel he has hijacked our faith.”

MORE HERE: h/t: Fjordman

Dr.Andrew Bostom proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that murdering those who ‘defame’ Mohamed, even the non-believer, is deserved of being killed according to Islamic law.

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  1. to kill krekbar would be doing him a favor, am I right? Likewize with most extremists, so then; part of the governments obligation would be to do so and leave the video taping and stuffing of bacon in his mouth up to bystanders. Jesus will have the job of separating the sheep from goats however , it is govt’s responsibility to protect it ‘s citizens.

  2. It’s a familiar story.

    One Muslim points out that his values are dictated by Islam and another Muslim claims that his faith has been hijacked. Each one plays his part in advancing Islam.

    The first advances Islam by promoting and practicing its brutal, barbaric instructions and inspiring terrorism in others.

    The second advances Islam by lying about those instructions and misrepresenting Islam. He leads non-Muslims to believe that Islam is benign.

    Islam is not benign.

    Through the Koran, Muslims are told to make war in order to spread Islam. They are told to hate, subjugate and kill non-Muslims and to not take any of them as friends. They are told to kill Jews. They are told that women are inherently inferior to men and that gays and apostates are to be killed. Muslim men are told that they can rape their wives and female slaves.

    Standard lies told by Muslims are that Islam is a religion of peace, that [insert latest Islamic atrocity] has nothing to do with Islam and that Islamic terrorists are following a distorted version of the religion.

    Western countries are betrayed by politicians, the media, royalty and other traitors who trot out those same lies and won’t tell their people what Islam’s instructions to Muslims really are.

    Islam is an evil poison and the West desperately needs to be purged. Stop letting Muslims in, deport them all to Islamic countries and deport the traitors with them.

    By the way, know your enemy. Read the Koran.

    1. Shaun, your comments are now on the TT’s front page in a post of it’s own Thank you!

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