Sweden is beyond parody.


Great, the very woman who’s chummy with the paleostinians, even participating in an anti-Israel demo where Hizbollah and Hamas flags where flying, and who no doubt has no problem with funnelling aid to the Hamas, is going to handle violent extremism.


“We are going to give more funds to Mona Sahlin, the government’s co-ordinator against violent extremism. She is also going to be given a wider remit,” he added.

Sweden could boost funds to fight terrorism

Sweden could boost funds to fight terrorism

Anders Ygeman speaks at a defence conference in January. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

The Swedish government has not ruled out investing more money into the fight against terrorism, Home Affairs Minister Anders Ygeman has said.

The Social Democrat minister told broadcaster SVT’s news debate programme Agenda that more must be done in Sweden to prevent radicalization and recruitment of terrorists – and to punish those who engage in it.

“Both [measures] are needed. We must not be naive. Repressive action is also required to combat terrorism.”

“But we need to intensify our work against the terrorists, especially the preventative work to stop radicalization and recruitment to these groups,” he said.

The Danish government has allocated almost a billion kronor to the fight on terror, 170 million kronor ($20.3 million) of which is being invested into internet surveillance – an option Ygeman told Agenda could be introduced in Sweden as well.

“The security police and the police today say they have the resources they require, but if this continues we may have to have a discussion about budget and economic resources too,” he said.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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