Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Schools


On campus, where scape-goating the Jew is deemed a right, and talking frankly about Paleostinian brutality an act of ”islamofauxbia”.

Posters Showing Hamas’ Executions Of Palestenian Prisoners Appear At UCLA

Posters depicting summary executions by the Palestinian terror organization Hamas appeared early Sunday around the UCLA campus, including kiosks, fraternity and sorority rows, Royce Hall and the Bruin Bear.

UCLA’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a student-led pro-Palestinian organization that is attempting to get the university regents to boycott, divest and sanction Israel, were upset with the images.

“They rely on Islamophobic and anti-Arab tropes to paint Palestinians as terrorists and to misrepresent Students for Justice in Palestine as anti-Semitic,” SJP wrote in a statement. “As organizers, we are concerned that these acts are an attempt to delegitimize and slander the work that we have done to pass divestment on our campus.”

“Furthermore, defacing school property and intimidating a specific group of students creates a deeply harmful environment that prevents student learning and community-building,” the statement continued. “Coupled with the recent uprise in Islamophobia on a national scale, we are concerned for the safety of our fellow students and student organizers.”

SJP says that UCLA administrators “have confirmed that they are responding to the issue and will be providing updates soon.”

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  1. This is an interesting development and may not be an isolated act. The reason for this is the fall in oil prices.

    One of the greatest corrupting forces on American college campuses has been the flood of petro-dollars from Muslim countries trying to force their agenda. This money comes publicly, privately, and oftentimes indiscreetly. Daniel Pipes has written about this at length.

    Some pushback against SJP was always inevitable, but this incident at UCLA might be a sign that the flood of petrodollars-for-propaganda is slowing. We’ll get a better sense of whether this is the case when we see how the administration reacts. I doubt this is the first time someone has spoken out against SJP. That it gained attention is noteworthy in of itself.

    1. Thanks TINSC, lets hope the reverse trend stays and kicks into high gear!

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