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‘The Islamist death cult has declared war on the world’: PM announces he will STRIP jihadists of their citizenship as it’s revealed THIRTY extremists have returned home to Australia from the Middle East 

  • Many Australians who fight for the Islamic State will be stripped of their citizenship, PM says
  • More than 30 Australians have returned home after fighting for jihadist causes overseas, review reveals
  • Dual nationals will be stripped of their citizenship, Mr Abbott said in a landmark national security address

Many Australians who fight for the Islamic State will be stripped of their citizenship, the Prime Minister has announced, as part of tough new counter-terrorism laws.

The dramatic pledge came as a review released today revealed more than thirty Australians have returned home after fighting for jihadist causes overseas.

In a landmark national security address, Mr Abbott said the government will attempt to strip or suspend the citizenship of Australians with dual citizenship fighting overseas.

The government is also exploring taking away some of the rights of jihadists who are sole Australian citizens, Mr Abbott said.

On Sunday when Mr Abbott released the review, he said that a shift in the balance between individual freedoms and community safety.

‘There is an ongoing and inevitable debate in a country such as ours … between the rights of the individual and the protection of the community,’ he said.

‘My judgment is that – while having always to respect both – the question of precisely where we draw the line in the era of terrorism will have to be reconsidered and the line may have to be redrawn.’

Despite an apparent 18 calls to ASIO in the days leading up to December 15 when Monis took 18 people hostage in the Lindt Cafe, authorities had deemed him as not a threat.

The inquiry report made a number of recommendations and Mr Abbott and NSW Premier Mike Baird said governments needed to learn lessons from the siege.

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3 Responses

  1. This is cut and paste straight out of the Govt report into the Lindt Cafe incident:

    “Monis was assessed by ASIO in early December 2014.
    On the basis of the information available at the time, he
    fell well outside the threshold to be included in the 400
    highest priority counter-terrorism investigations. He was
    only one of several thousand people of potential
    security concern.”

    “Several thousand” potential security threats?
    Are they all muslims?
    There are only around 200,000-300,000 muslims in the country.
    So 1% of ALL muslims are security threats?

  2. The figure is between 500,000 and 600,000 unfortunately. Though no doubt with time that figure will drop as cognitive disonance is created in the minds of the more intellegent of them because of the discrepancy between what is said in the mosques and what the media shows is actually happening because of the ‘religion of peace’. Many will wake up and leave the cult.

    But on that basis of 1%, currently the figure is 5,000 to 6,000

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