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Not a ring, but a conga line without the cha cha cha music.

congoline of muslims

At what first sounded like a ground breaking event, we were told by the media covering it that over a 1000 Muslims gathered to ”form a ring of peace” around the Oslo synagogue. After the staged event Breitbart News reported something vastly different, that it was a complete fraud, the event only managed to draw 20 Muslims, with the remaining +980 people gathered there being ethnic Norwegians (Christian or otherwise).

Now I find out from a member of the Oslo synagogue, who, in a Facebook post exchange with myself, not only defends the fraudulent event, but she’s proud of her rabbi as well, highlighted in yellow:

FB 8 muslims in ring around synagogue in oslo 23.2.2015

NOTE: 8 Muslims is now the accurate number since you don’t include the number of organizers (8) as people showing up. The FB post in question is here.

UPDATE: Some Oslo Jews aren’t fooled however:

Eric Argaman, an outspoken member of Norway’s Jewish community,told the JTA newswire that the involvement of Ali Chishti (30), a Norwegian Muslim with a history of anti-Israel statements “stained the event, which now feels more like a spin, on our backs, than a gesture of good will.”

'Ring of Peace' demo 'tainted' by anti-Jew link

Ali Chishti wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh in his Facebook profile. Photo: Facebook

Chishti was booed off the stage at Oslo’s Litteraturhuset in 2009 after he gave a highly provocative talk titled “Why I hate Jews and Gays”.

“There were several thousand Jews away from work in the World Trade Center, and why there were more Jews in Mumbai when Pakistani terrorists attacked than usual?” he said in the talk.

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