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Al-Qaeda ‘oath of allegiance’ revealed at trial for alleged Manchester terror plotter

Documents seized from Osama bin Laden’s compound presented as evidence for first time in a court case as alleged Pakistani ringleader of British bomb plot goes on trial in New York

Abid Naseer (L), 28, listens as Assistant U.S. Attorney Zainab Ahmad questions Najibullah Zazi (R) during the first day or Naseer's trial, in this courtroom sketch in Brooklyn, New York

Abid Naseer listens to opening statements in Brooklyn, New York   Photo: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters
Abid Naseer in court in New York

Abid Naseer, left, listens as Assistant US Attorney Zainab Ahmad questions Najibullah Zazi  Photo: Reuters

An “oath of allegiance” for jihadists recovered from the Pakistan compound of Osama bin Laden has been revealed for the first time in the terror trial of an alleged al-Qaeda operative accused of plotting to blow up a Manchester shopping centre.

The pledge of loyalty for al-Qaeda recruits was among documents seized by US special forces during the raid to kill the al-Qaeda mastermind. It is the first time documents seized form the Abbottabad compound have been used as evidence against al-Qaeda suspects.

Prosecutors have asked the judge to allow the material to be presented in the New York trial of Abid Naseer, the alleged ringleader of a cell of Pakistanis who was arrested days before the planned attack on the Arndale Centre.

Naseer, 28, has denied the charges that he played a key role in a global al-Qaeda conspiracy to stage attacks in 2009 in New York, Manchester and Copenhagen “to repeat the devastation” of the September 2001 atrocities.

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