Italy Paleostinians


The lie of paleostinian nationhood is one of the more egregious memes out there.

Joseph Goebbels would be pleased.

Italy to vote on Palestine State recognition

Italy to vote on Palestine State recognition

A Palestinian protester holds a national flag in front of a member of Israeli forces during clashes on February 13 in the West Bank village of Bilin. Photo: Abbas Momani/AFP

Published: 20 Feb 2015 16:35 GMT+01:00

Premier Matteo’s Renzi’s Democratic Party has said it would vote in favour, Ansa reported.

However, the lower house vote may be postponed until March 3rd if the government calls for a vote of confidence on a separate issue, the Ilva steel plant in Taranto.

The government said in December that the loss-making plant, one of the most polluting in Europe, would be nationalized for up to three years.

Sweden voted in favour of recognizing Palestine in October althoughForeign Minister Margot Wallström said in January the state needs to change in order to retain the country’s support.

France followed suit in December as a way of achieving a “definitive resolution of the conflict” with Israel, although the vote was non-binding.

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