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Modern Germany that supposedly learned from its Nazi past.

I guess it never occurred to them that allowing the mass immigration of antisemitic Muslims into Germany was a poor way to express their rejection of past Jew hatred that led to deaths of over six million Jews. Or did it?

On police advice, Berlin Jewish magazine now delivered in plain envelope (update)

Berlin Jewish community HQ

BZ-Berlin’s Gunnar Schupelius reports:

The Jewish community in Berlin sends to their approximately 10,000 members a monthly magazine entitled “Jewish Berlin”.

This newsletter is sent by post. Up until now it was placed in the mailbox directly, with only an address label. Starting this month, it is in a plain envelope. You pull it out of the mailbox and do not know what’s inside.

The community was surprised, but found a plausible explanation. In the preface the February issue of this magazine, the community chairman Gideon Joffe said: “Unfortunately, we now have (…) also think about how we can reduce the likelihood of hostility towards members of the community. For this reason, from now on ‘Jewish Berlin’ will ship in a neutral envelope. ”

This security measure was decided in consultation with the Berlin Police and the Security Service of the Jewish community.

Authorities are concerned about attacks on individual Jews in Berlin. It is therefore recommended not to be recognized in areas with strong Muslim population as a Jew, that is, not wearing traditional skullcap or Star of David jewelry.

And now…the Jewish community hid their own newspaper.

More here at Elder of Ziyon.

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