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It’s tough being Zuhdi Jasser, but it’s entirely of his own doing.

A colleague sends me a screen capture of an exchange between Jasser and a commenter on her Facebook timeline (who I choose to keep anonymous because she’s not a part of the story, but I hear that she’s a big big fan of Jasser’s) about El-Sisi, the current president of Egypt.

jasser channels bostom

Andrew Bostom was in a recent Twitter exchange with Jasser because of his (Bostom’s) measured comments about Jasser’s lack of enthusiasm for facts that demolish his belief that most Muslims are moderate. Jasser took to talking trash about Bostom in his bitter/childish rantings which ended with this final coup de grâce:

Zuhdi Jasser kind of reminds me of, Benny Morris, a revisionist fraudster of Israeli history, who at times states reasonable opinions, but nonetheless continues to write books that run counter to his public statements at large (who according to an academic friend of mine, who has had many dealings with him, changes his opinion according to the loudest voice in the room).

Back to Jasser. Interestingly enough, MoZJay admits to the fact that there’s problems with El-Sisi, something that Andy Bostom has been publicly beating the drum about for almost two years. On the Dennis Miller show, he states:

El-Sisi hasn’t abandoned the Islamic state, so he didn’t mention anything (in El-Sis’s lauded address about the need to reform Islam) about the Islamic state”.

Here’s a recent tweet reaffirming his other statements to Miller:

But of course there’s no accreditation to Bostom,

Al-Sisi, however, made a series of diametrically opposed statements in his now public 2006 thesis. Yet even al-Sisi’s clear statements extolling Islam’s Caliphate, or “restor[ed] Islamic religious empire,” in the 2006 thesis are mollified, elsewhere, in the same document. These and other clearly conflicting statements in the 2006 thesis render al-Sisi’s true ideological bent “ambiguous,” likely by design. [Note: I want to thank my colleague Stephen Coughlin for his useful input on this salient point.] One notable exception to his equivocating presentation style is al-Sisi’s unambiguous, repeated rejection of secularism.  Al-Sisi’s anti-secular stance, as I will demonstrate, is a longstanding, widely prevalent view in Egypt, mirrored by the popularity of the Caliphate ideal amongst the country’s pre-eminent Islamic religious institutions, major religious leaders, and Muslim masses.

Read more:

Also, about Egyptian antisemitism, (something of which he refuses to elucidate on further) he makes an amazing admonition, that 95% of Egyptian society hold deeply anti-Jewish sentiments, not anti-Israeli, but anti-Jewish sentiments.

For someone who refuses to admit to Islamic inspired anti-Semitism (Like Brian of London, I prefer the term Jew hatred) something that Bostom has written a fully sourced, comprehensive book about (The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism) it’s a pretty amazing admission. Here’s a piece by Pamela Geller in a post about Jasser, and highlights an interview that she did with him :

And when I interviewed Jasser back in 2007, he referred to Israel as occupied territory in the last five minutes of the interview. He blew his cover. Further, Jasser refutes Islamic anti-Semitism in the interview. He may be well-intentioned, but his approach and theology are just plain un-Islamic. Jasser has no following among Muslims and doesn’t represent any Islamic tradition. So what’s the point? –

Here is the original quote in his interview with Pamela Geller (who I transcribed the entire interview for):

Pamela: Listen, Islamic anti-Semitism is irrefutable, Dr. Jasser, it really is.

Zuhdi:Well, it is certainly part of the behavior of many Muslims and especially the Islamist, but I will not accept that that is part of Islam.

Seeing that MoZJay is now supposedly coming around to his senses on El-Sis, though not accrediting the person to whom he should be thankful to (Dr.Andrew Bostom), has Jasser now accepted the fact that his Islam is steeped in Jew hatred, how else could a country be 95% anti-Semitic if not for some kind of shared ideology? Will he now come clean?

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