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For all of you who didn’t know already, kuffar is a highly derogative term a Muslim could use against anyone from a different faith. It’s so derogatory, that even the white S.Africans from the apartheid years used it as term for Blacks, the equal of the word nigger, used by whites in the segregated South.

H/T: Vlad: Liberty Dk spotted this FB post from a muslim living in Denmark and was kind enough to translate it for us. If one adds it to the video here from a couple of days ago and other materials appearing on attitudes of muslims in Denmark, one begins to get a picture of the values of muslims in Denmark with some decent resolution.

ISLAM - Facebook update from Muslim

TRANSLATION: Aren’t you tired of all those racists? Denmark is a racist country. They look down on muslims, shit on us and mock our prophet. Some people get so psychologically affected by Denmark and all the kuffars who consistently shit on us but they don’t dare do anything!! I can easily imagine myself in a situation that if you want to fight these pigs, the only possibly is to take a rifle and shoot them all one after one!!! AND THE WORST THING IS THAT THEY WANT TO PUBLISH A BOOK ABOUT OUR PROPHET’S SEX LIFE. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SHIT IS THAT!!!

NOTE: As a side note, there’s already a book published about the sexual escapades of the founder of Islam, it’s the hadiths penned by the most respected authoritative voice on Mohamed, Bukhari. Also a thought, if the Danes are so bigoted, Denmark such a discriminative country, why do they keep migrating to the country, if it’s such a terrible place to live in?

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