Joe Biden multiculturalism


What a moron, his party espouses the very same social policies that got Europe into such trouble.

Instead of the traditional U.S.melting pot ethic which Biden supposedly supports, his own party insists on promoting policies that support ”multiculturalism”. Their identity politics, which resists viewing the American public as singular citizens, forms the bulwark of their party platform, turning citizens against each other, creating continual angst and rivalry among singled out groups within the civil society.

Identity driven politics is a necessary ingredient for the introduction and implementation of multicultural policies, which fundamentally run counter to the ”melting pot” ethic he (Joe Biden) is espousing to European leaders. What a hack.

Face it folks, the Democrat Party is no longer an American party, it no longer believes in the US constitution and the rule of law, it no longer represents free enterprise and individual liberty, it favors groups and group think, and the ease in which it can manipulate them like Indians driving a herd of buffalo over a cliff.

The USSR in its hey day couldn’t have wrought as much damage to the republic as successive statist democrat regimes and their lock step colleagues in both houses of Congress and on the Supreme Court.

The Republicans have their fair share of the blame for not stating the case, wanting to be liked, to go along to get along, but the Dems and their base no longer represent american values.

Biden urges Europe to combat extremism by embracing ‘melting pot’

© Saul Loeb, AFP | US VP Joe Biden speaks during the opening session of the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism.

Latest update : 2015-02-18

US Vice President Joe Biden kicked off a three-day White House summit on countering violent extremism by lauding the American “melting pot” approach to assimilating immigrants, a model the administration believes Europe needs to emulate more closely.

The summit, which started Tuesday and brings together local officials from across the country and ministers from around the world, follows recent shootings in Copenhagen and Paris that have galvanized Western resolve against such extremist attacks.

Sixty nations are set to discuss the global threat of violent extremism posed by the Islamic State organisation, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Somali Al Shabaab and others. Emphasis will be placed on fighting radicalisation—a discussion whose importance is underlined by the fact that almost 3,000 Westerners have joined jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq. The phenomenon is also affecting Arab nations—Tunisia and Jordan, for example, have the largest number of nationals in Syria.

“We have to … engage our communities and engage those who might be susceptible to being radicalized because they are marginalized,” Biden said.

“Societies have to provide an affirmative alternative for immigrant communities, a sense of opportunity, a sense of belonging that discredits the terrorists’ appeal to fear, isolation, hatred, resentment,” he said.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

NOTE: Yeah, that’s what the potential jihadis want, three squares a day and job. </sarcasm>

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