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Here’s a question to pose to people demanding a reformation of Islam.

In light of the Christian (Catholic Church) reformation which was the catalyst for the Enlightenment, how can we expect Muslims to embrace something, which in hindsight, they know can only lead to the same liberalism (classical sense) that’s enjoyed (but shrinking fast) by the West?

My point being, the overwhelming majority of Muslims around the Islamic world (Pew report, Bostom elucidating on the report here.) believe in highly illiberal ideas, and will reject any kind of artificial shift from Islamic orthodox teachings. That’s the dilemma and conundrum I keep facing when I mull this over time and again.

It’s like trying to convince that Hamas will one day recognize Israel when in doing so strips legitimacy from their movement founded upon the idea of destroying Israel. I have yet to find anyone willing to tackle that conundrum as well.

The problem is that, the Christian reformation was actually the reforming the Catholic Church, which meant not having to reinvent troublesome scriptures. The same can’t be said for Islam, where the koranic edict of abrogation causes the later violent and intolerant verses to be the more valid ones to be followed. This is not my understanding, this is de facto Islamic teaching, Abrogation is discussed here by an expert on the subject.

The death sentence for apostasy coupled with the doctrine of jihad are the two most important underpinnings of Islam, steeped in 1400 years of Islamic jurisprudence, any lone voice or small cadres of them are easily silenced by the two doctrines just mentioned. Again, we are not talking about a Sunni or Shiite reformation, but an entire rewrite of Islam itself, and that just isn’t going to happen, especially in an age of political correctness and ”multiculturalism”, where the West is entirely incapable of asserting its superior cultural values assertively. Even if Islam could be reformed (highly doubtful for all the reasons just given) who in the West is going to bear pressure, especially when so many of those Muslims defending the status quo of Islam, reside in the West?

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  1. The Christian reformation was, at least in part, an attempt to get back to the original form of the religion. (Whether they succeeded or not is not the issue.) With Islam the reformation has already happened (i.e. wahabism), but the problem is that any attempt to get back to the “true” Islam, will go back to Muhammad. That results in what we are seeing through out the Muslim world today. Evil, murder, mayhem, rape, slavery, destruction, etc. That is the face of Islam. It cannot be changed because Muhammad is the perfect example of how to live. If Islam cannot be reformed to be peaceful, then one has to choose whether to surrender, die, or fight it. If we refuse to fight it now and control it, we will eventually be forced to destroy it. Time will inevitably give atomic weapons to Islamic terrorists, and we will have to respond with such weapons as well. If we want to avoid that, we will need to act now and force the Islamic world to reform. It’s a choice of bad or much worse.

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