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masked men remove flowers in copenhagen 17.2.2015

UPDATE: They left this note:

”He had a heart of gold”

This is a stunning piece of video, dough headed Leftists & Muslims bring flowers to the spot where, Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, the jihadi who murdered two people (the latter at a synagogue when he went Jew hunting) and wounded scores of others, was shot dead. Then later on (not in the video) young Muslims come to remove them because laying flowers for Muslim dead is un-Islamic, while shouting, allahu akbar, and declaring the murderer a hero.

El-Husseinin surmapaikalle Kööpenhaminassa oli eilen tuotu kukkia, mutta joukko musliminuoria kävi poistamassa ne.

Finnish tabloid Iltasanomat: ”Flowers were brought the scene where El-Hussein was killed in Copenhagen yesterday, but a group of Muslim young people went to remove them.”

The Local reported:

A group of young men wearing hoods to partially cover their faces has removed flowers that were laid at the Copenhagen spot where the presumed gunman was killed by police.

The men can be seen in a video from TV2 News kicking the flowers and carrying them away.

One of the men told reporters that they removed the flowers because it is not a Muslim tradition to lay flowers for dead people.

NOTE: The refusal of these Leftists to face facts about Islam is stunning to me. Laying flowers at the scene of murderer, is one of the most repugnant things I have seen them do in recent times. The moral equivocation is absolutely stunning. These people are actually spitting on the dead civilians (especially the Jewish man who he personally earmarked for death) this carbon footprint brutally murdered in cold blood.

H/T & video upload: Vlad

Via Gatewaypundit:

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