Islam in France Islamic anti-Semitism


Tundra Tabloids’ readers already know the truth about how rampant Islamic antisemitism is in a Europe that, pretends to have addressed the issue of antisemitism while importing tens of millions of Jew hating Muslims.

What it’s REALLY like for Jews in Paris: Shocking hidden camera footage shows journalist wearing a skullcap being spat at, called a ‘dog’ and threatened as he walks the streets


Zvika Klein, a reporter for Jewish news outlet NRG, silently walked in the city for ten hours wearing a kippah – also known as a yarmulke – on his head and a tzitzit (ritual tassels) and filmed the public’s reaction using a hidden camera. The shocking clip shows antisemitism is rife in the French capital as he is seen being harassed and intimidated. As he wanders around neighbourhoods wearing the garments associated with the Jewish faith, he is spat at, threatened and even called a ‘dog’.

It comes as Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the mass emigration of Jews from Europe to escape the rising tide of antisemitic terror attacks. His comments sparked fury from Jewish groups and were promptly refuted by the leaders of France, Germany and Denmark. But Mr Klein’s video shows, in Paris, Jews ‘are barred from entering certain areas’. ‘Jews prefer to stay inside in the evening,’ he says. ‘It is safer at home.’ More here

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