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3 arrested in Halifax Valentine’s Day mass murder plot

Google for Muslims hate valentines day, or Islamic nations speak to Valentines day, or, Saudi arabia bans valentines day or, Islamic State-valentines day etc. See what you get. Islam hates love itself.

Interesting, how does your theory stand up under the information that these three suburban white kids were nazi sympathizers? Are Muslims still to blame, you huge, idiotic bigot?

Today over 200 bullets were fired at a meeting of artists, authors and people trying to preserve the enlightenment in Denmark. They were shot at by muslims who, like the muslims who attacked and killed a dozen other artists and employees of Charlie Hebdo, and like the muslims that attacked Lars Vilks in his home a few years ago, and like the muslims who attacked Kurt Westergaard for drawing a cartoon they didnt like.

Like the muslims who murdered over 20 people in Kabul and burned down the UN office there because they heard a rumour about a video they didnt like but hadnt seen, and like the muslims who tried to kill Lars Hedigaard in his home because he wrote about the attempts on the other people’s lives, and like the muslims who attended a rally in London a few days ago demanding that resolution 16/18 at the UN banning freedom of speech and criminalizing blasphemy so that no one may question islamic edicts about what can and cannot be said in public discourse.

Like the muslims who rioted around the world killing dozens and burning building after building after the Danish cartoons of Jylllands Posten were published and like the muslims who commit grotesque acts of medieval barbarity after everytime someone is accused of saying something they do not like about islam or the pirate mohamed, probably the most murderous amoral leader in human history short of Mao, are trying to intimidate the Western and entire non-Muslim world into sacrificing our basic rights as hard won by the Enlightenment.

Since 911 2001, there have been over 25,000 deadly terrorist attacks by muslims against, well everyone, even other muslims.

So if you were to talk to an actual actuary at any insurance company in the world and tell them that a group of people in a city and across an international border had been caught planning to kill a large number of random people on a day muslims openly hate and have said so repeatedly, I think you would find that they would all bet heavily on one or more of the perpetrators having mohamed as a first, middle or last name and possibly all three.

It is amusing though to see someone who defends this death cult and army of oppression, slavery and rape taking the first possible opportunity to accuse me of being a Nazi for stating the staggeringly obvious on the brief moment and the rare opportunity that one of these planned attacks may actually not have been done by muslims.

As for white, I really don’t get that at all. Islam is not a race and the two men who actually successfully pulled off a terrorist attack for islam in Canada so far are white and the couple out West who were planning to kill as many as they could with pressure cookers were also white and converts to islam.

So your attempt to paint me with a racist brush because I oppose a doctrine as staggeringly illiberal as islam is barely even risible.

Thank you for playing all the same. Now go back to your post-grad class on Frankfurt school debate style and critical theory and tell them you failed and can they please give you some facts this time.

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