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He caught them during one of their more lenient moods.

Corporal punishment ISIS-style: Boy flogged 60 times in town square for calling terror group the wrong name

Barbaric: The 23-second clip shows a young boy being lashed for using the term ‘Daesh’ in reference to ISIS

The child’s crime was to refer to the terror group as ‘Daesh’ – a loose acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (al-Dawla Al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham).

  • Punisher relentlessly whips the boy, who appears to be pleading for mercy
  • ‘Deash’ is used by enemies of ISIS and has negative undertones in Arabic
  • Clip of the barbaric punishment was posted online and has been viewed thousands of times

This horrifying clip shows a child unflinchingly receive 60 lashes to his back for simply referring to Islamic State by a term they hate: ‘Daesh’.

As dozens gather around the town square to watch with emotionless expressions, the boy kneels on the ground – purportedly in Anbar, Iraq – as he accepts his penalty.

His punisher relentlessly whips the boy in the short clip, who appears to be crying and pleading for mercy.

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