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But that would mean ripping up 1400 years of Islamic jurisprudence and tradition, so that’s a moot subject.

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How Best to Fight the ‘Islamophobia Industry’

by Burak Bekdil
Hürriyet Daily News
February 4, 2015

In my own “letter of goodwill” (“How best to fight Islamophobia,” Hürriyet Daily News, April 6, 2012) I wrote the following:

Your most strategic partners in the fight against Islamophobia are not Christians, but your fellow Muslims.

If Muslims stopped killing other Muslims because they belong to a different sect; stopped forcing their chosen practices on other Muslims; tolerated less pious Muslims; did not feel enraged if other Muslims did not abstain from alcohol or pork, or did not attend the mosque; did not kill men, women and children because they adhered to other faiths; did not blame rape on the length of a woman’s skirt; did not murder their own wives because they spoke to strangers, or their daughters because they flirted with boys or because they were raped by rascals; did not wish to start World War III because some maverick cartoonist drew blasphemous caricatures; did not issue death fatwas because an author wrote a blasphemous book; or did not aim to spread their religion to the entire world, by the sword if necessary, then fighting Islamophobia would be much easier.

More here. H/T: Ingrid Carlqvist

NOTE: Most of the Islamic world would love to get their hands on this truth teller.

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