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Simplistic, amateurish, absurd and amazingly stupid.


An op-ed in the Leftist post-Zionist rag, Haaretz, which conflates patriotic nationalism with that of ultra-nationalism (of the fascists) is not only simple minded stupidity, it’s a gross affront to the memory of the people who fought the Nazis and lived under their occupation. The writer, Nadav Tamir, (diplomat, advisor to Shimon Peres) also treats the legitimate concerns of indigenous Europeans concerning Islam, and Islamization of their cities and capitals across Europe, with utter disdain.

Conflating troublesome ultra-nationalist (socialist) movements of the Golden Dawn (in Greece) and the Jobbik (in Hungary), with that of those in street movements resisting totalitarian Islam (exm PEGIDA), and legitimate political movements (UKIP) resisting political statist impulses both domestically and from Brussels, is a moral outrage.

Europe is not hostile to Israel

Israel has a supreme interest in drawing close to Europe for ethical reasons – shared Western values – and practical ones – an export-based economy in which Europe is the biggest commercial partner.


Influenced by the immigrants, Europe’s nationalist right is gaining power. In the recent elections for the European Parliament, the nationalist right-wing parties won unprecedented success.

This movement, motivated by xenophobia and traditionally associated with unabashed anti-Semitism, has recently become an enthusiastic supporter of Israel in light of what it sees as a common enemy: Muslims and Arabs.

The nationalists in Europe and their peers in Israel share an admiration for populist belligerence. Their admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin is evident, as is their scorn for U.S. President Barack Obama, particularly because of his tendency to avoid military solutions.

Today the nationalist right wing in Europe seems to love (conservative) Israel but hate Jews (and foreigners), while the liberal left wing on the Continent loves Jews and hates Israel.

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