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No idea from who, could even be from rival Islamic groups.

This also happens to be the very same mosque which sold audio tapes disparaging Jews as apes and pigs, as well as calling for jihad against them. The acting minister of justice at the time, Göran Lambertz, refused to prosecute the mosque leaders, not because the charges weren’t true, but because:

‘these statements should be differently judged and considered to be allowed/legitimate, because they are used by one party in an ongoing deep conflict where battle cries and defamation are contained as everyday elements in the rhetoric around the conflict”.

Stockholm imam receives death threats

Stockholm imam receives death threats

The Stockholm Mosque. Photo: Gabbe/Wikimedia

Published: 08 Feb 2015 17:53 GMT+01:00

“The police have taken several steps and we have contact with them. We hope that they clear this up very quickly,” said Omar Mustafa, president of the Islamic Association of Sweden, to broadcaster Sveriges Television.

The death threats were reported to have been made on Friday shortly after a package containing white powder was sent to the mosque which is located near Medborgarplatsen in central Stockholm.

“I can’t go into detail but it was a direct death threat which the police have taken seriously,” Mustafa said.

The powder turned out to be harmless although Stockholm police told Sveriges Television that security at the mosque has been strengthened.

The mosque has previously been targeted in a white powder attack and Muslim leaders have advised all mosques in the country to be extra vigilant.

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