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She would love to make it a policy across the entire EU.

Yes, they still have a ministry for integration in a country that has long given up on the idea of integration. Perhaps they’ll soon change the name to the ministry of multiculturalism. It would be the honest thing to do.

NOTE: Alternative headline: ”Non-integration minister says: Hei Sverige: Islam is soon coming to a town near you!”

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

‘All municipalities should take in refugees’

'All municipalities should take in refugees'

Social Democrat integration minister Ylva Johansson. Photo: Bertil Ericsson/TT

Published: 05 Feb 2015 15:45 GMT+01:00

While Sweden has made global headlines for taking in more refugees per capita than any other EU nation, these immigrants are largely clustered on the outskirts of major cities in the south, with some parts of the country currently taking in just a handful of newcomers.

Sweden’s Social Democrat integration minister Ylva Johansson has announced that she is drafting a new law designed to make sure all regions take in asylum seekers and offer help with jobs and housing.

“The distribution is unreasonable. We need to make changes in the law for everyone to take responsibility,” she told Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan on Thursday.

She said that the bill’s core details were still being worked out, but that the main principle was achieving a “more even distribution” of refugees between Sweden’s 290 municipalities.

“We need legislative changes to ensure that all local authorities take responsibility for refugee protection,” she added.

Ylva Johansson was speaking from Malmö in southern Sweden, which is an increasingly popular location with asylum seekers due to regulations which allow immigrants to stay with friends and relatives who have already moved to the area rather than being allocated accommodation in areas selected by Sweden’ Migration Board.

Johansson described the policy as a “tremendous problem” and said that the government was reviewing the law.

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  1. The Muslims don’t want to live in the small towns, and thr people who live there don’t want the Muslims either. As usual the Swedish government will force intolerant and unsustainable bureaucratic solutions onto human problems.

    They’re trying to do the same thing in France now. It’s come to their attention that residents of smaller towns have escaped the joys of cultural enrichment, and this situation is intolerable to Hollande and his flunkies.

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