Islam in Spain Whining Muslim


Cry me a river, these same whiners will say nothing about the Hagia Sophia.

It’s called reclamation. There was a church on the site before the invasion of Islam, upon which Muslims built their beachhead, and then after the usurping mohammedans were finally kicked out of Spain, the site reverted back to its original status as a Christian holy place.

Row rumbles over Cordoba´s Mezquita

Row rumbles over Cordoba´s Mezquita

Nuns visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. Photo: Gerard Julien / AFP

Published: 06 Feb 2015 08:54 GMT+01:00

One of the most famous Islamic monuments in Europe, the grand stone edifice dominates the old centre of the city in the southern Andalucia region.

It is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, a jewel of Islamic architecture with later Christian additions, located not far from the old Jewish quarter.

Locals call it the “Mosque-Cathedral” — but critics accuse the Catholic Church which runs the site of covering up the Islamic part of the building’s past.

Visitors to the site are issued with tickets and information leaflets that call it a cathedral, with just minor passing references to the mosque.

“The Mosque-Cathedral is the cultural heart of the city and its principal tourist business,” said Miguel Santiago, a spokesman for the campaign group Mosque-Cathedral, Heritage of All.

“Changing its name goes against the tourism interests of Cordoba and, worst of all, against its historical, artistic and symbolic essence.”

A spokesman for the local cathedral council, Jose Juan Jimenez, said the Church has been the “legitimate owner” since 1236 when Christian King Fernando III had it consecrated.

A mosque had been built there on the site of an earlier Visigoth church from the eighth century when Cordoba was held by Islamic Umayyad rulers.

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