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Yes, but does Obama understand that? No.

UPDATE: Terrorist In Jordanian Pilot Video Cited Similar Grievances Obama Aired At Prayer Breakfast (H/T: Dennis Mitzner)

Obama is an extreme narcissist, as well as a committed Marxist and a cultural defender of Islam, so he’ll stoop to anything in order to keep Islam from being singled out for its unique properties.

NOTE: You can take it to the bank that Obama doesn’t believe in humility, nor that he’s confused, staggering and stumbling, he believes that we are, not himself.

Obama Doc is in stumbling and staggering

Why is Obama preaching to America that faith should start with doubt? (Video)


First of all, we must ask why the president of the United States is telling Americans that their faith should start with doubt.  What is his charter as an elected public official to do that?  His accusatory tone is unmistakable.  He is not merely musing about his own personal take on faith.  He implies clearly that people who don’t share it are “full of themselves” and overly “confident that they are right.”

He goes further to impute to these unnamed people the assumption that “God speaks only to them” and “doesn’t speak to others.”  There is zero support in his statement for this prejudicial and divisive formulation.  He’s impressionistic and emotive here; we may all know what mindset his points come from, but that’s not the same as his points being logical or supported by evidence.  He’s painting a picture, not building a case.

The same goes for his additional point about “God only caring about us, and not about others.”  This, like his previous points, is a strawman.  There are no major faiths practiced in America that posit that God cares only about their adherents, and not anyone else.   If there are individual persons who hold that view, how is it in the president’s job description to rebuke them on that head – particularly as a theoretical problem?

After paving the way with accusation and encouragement to doubt, Obama delivers the coup de grace.  Putting yet another strawman on parade, he informs us that our job is not to ask God to respond to our notion of the truth – the embedded premise being that at least someone is out here doing that – but instead to assume, “humbly,” that we are confused, and don’t know what we’re doing.

Why would the president make that point to the people?  We don’t elect the president to instruct us on how to think about God, faith, metaphysics, or cosmology.  We don’t elect him to define for us what it looks like to have a proper level of humility.  We certainly don’t elect him to accuse us of not having it.  There is nothing wrong with a president sharing some of his own beliefs about God.  But that’s not what Obama is doing here.  He is actually wading into the divisive question of what other people’s faith “should” or “shouldn’t” look like.

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