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As Brian of London coined it, ”Halal, it just isn’t kosher”.

Jewish respect for animals

I would put forward that Judaism, as a religion, has done more for the good treatment of animals than any before or since. The militant atheists will argue that all religion is evil but, without being particularly observant myself, I know enough about Jewish philosophy to know they are wrong. I know Islam too and that is where the problem comes in. For example, Judaism has always prohibited hunting for fun which is certainly not something Islam copied. Indeed, the only sports acceptable to the most observant or extreme Muslims all derive from hunting: archery and horsemanship are specifically mandated for good Muslims in the stories about Muhammad! By contrast, Judaism specifically prohibits cruelty (causing pain for pleasure) and it’s clear from many things done in the name of Islam, this is not observed in Islam.

It’s (Islam’s) ritual slaughter is like the ideology itself, it talks a big game (falsely) about being modern, tolerant and caring, but it can only betray those ideals because the ideology is seriously flawed from back to front, from side to side. So for that reason alone, this video does not come as a surprise.

Inside the halal house of horrors: Sickening footage shows ‘evil’ abattoir staff ‘taunting sheep before hacking them to pieces’

  • Slaughtermen caught on camera ‘hacking and sawing’ at animals’ throats 
  • Sheep filmed being kicked, with one worker standing on an animal’s neck
  • Staff laughed as a sheep bled to death with spectacles painted on its face 
  • ‘Horrifying abuse’ captured by animal rights campaigners at halal abattoir 
  • One worker has been sacked and another three have been suspended  
  • The Food Standards Agency has launched an urgent investigation 
  • RSCPA and British Veterinary Association condemn ‘shocking’ footage 
  • 100,000-strong BVA petition means slaughter will be debated in Commons
  • Muslim Council of Britain: Findings are ‘abhorrent in Islamic practice’ 

A worker at a halal abattoir has been sacked and three others suspended after being filmed breaking strict rules on slaughtering sheep.

The men could face prosecution for the ‘horrifying yet routine abuse’ captured by animal rights campaigners using hidden cameras.

Slaughtermen at the Bowood Lamb abattoir in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, are seen ‘hacking and sawing’ at animals’ throats in apparent contravention of Islamic practice.

The RSPCA slammed the ‘absolutely shocking’ footage amid renewed calls to ban halal slaughter, which is opposed by the British Veterinary Association and 100,000 people in an online petition.

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NOTE: I certainly do not want fecal tainted meat in the food chain, let alone the needless suffering of the animal. Kosher slaughtering is far more exact, the mindset is completely different, stemming from the obvious hierarchy in cultures.

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